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Banana Pearl Powder Coconut Hair Mask

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Banana Pearl Powder Coconut Hair Mask

Banana pearl powder and coconut make a great combination for hair that could use a silky, moisture-rich treatment.

Bananas contain silica, a mineral that helps your body produce collagen and make your hair stronger and thicker. Bananas also have antimicrobial properties that can heal flaky and dry scalp, prevent and control dandruff.

Banana's are also an excellent source of potassium; they contain natural oils that make hair soft and manageable. They are excellent fruit for promoting hair growth and giving your hair a healthy shine.

The lauric acid in coconut oil has nourishing properties. Coconut oil helps moisturize and seal the hair follicles, and nourishes the scalp. It helps prevent split ends and hair breakage. It also helps slow down hair loss, soften and conditions your hair, and stimulates hair growth. Coconut oil makes your hair shinier, stronger and longer.

Pearl Powder offers a host of benefits for your hair which include promoting healthy hair growth and makes your hair look shiner and more vibrant. Pearl Powder stimulates your hair follicles, and boost and accelerate volume, fullness, and strength.

Pearl is a great source of essential amino acids, considered the building blocks for hair regeneration. Pearl also has at least 30 trace minerals, along with silica which is great for supporting hair health.

Pearl Powder acts like keratin, a protective protein that adds shine, reduces frizz, and reduces split ende by bonding the hair back together. Pearl Powder is great for hair loss, hair thinning, balding, hair strengthening and shine.

Banana Pearl Powder Coconut Hair Mask


1 tsp pearl powder
1 tbsp. coconut oil
1–2 ripe bananas depending on the thickness and length of your hair


1. Peel then mash the banana between your hands.

2. Put the banana in a bowl or blender along with the pearl powder and coconut oil.

3. Mix until you have an smooth texture and consistency.

4. Dampen your hair so the mask goes on easily.

5. Apply the hair mask and leave on for 30 minutes.

6. Rinse your hair well with lukewarm water and then shampoo as usual.

For super dry, damaged hair, you may have to use a good, natural conditioner after shampooing until your hair follicles get a little more hydrated.

If you have dry damaged hair, you can benefit from using this hydrating hair mask two or three times a week. If you have oily hair, use only once a week. No matter oily or dry, it will make your hair smoother, softer, and shiner after the first application.

I know you'll be well-pleased.

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