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5 starM.L. LA.
I have been using Sarah's pearl powder for years and I absolutely love it! I put it on my face mixed with a little water and it makes it so smooth. I put some on my toothbrush when I brush and my teeth are white, plus no plaque at dentist visits!

5 starJ. M. Santa Clara, CA.
I love the pearl powder! I used it last night with jojoba oil spread all over my face and woke up this morning looking like I have makeup on.

5 starEve, O
Love this product!!! It works great for everything skin and teeth. It's my absolute must.

5 star P.N, LA
I just ordered another 2 kgs of your pearl powder. I own a beauty business and I love your pearl powder so much, I use it in all my cosmetics and have designed a tooth paste containing your pearl powder. I am so happy with it and the information contained in your website, that when my customers have a question about it, I send them to your website. You have been a blessing to me.

5 starMichele, Monaca, PA
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE The Pearl Cream. I should have ordered the big jar. It is so wonderful. The darker spots on my face are for sure getting lighter. I definitely don't have to wear foundation anymore, just a little blush. How wonderful is that???? Also, my face feels so smooth and soft. If you are ever quit making it, please teach me how to make it.

5 star - Kat Nguye Skincare Advisor
I used to have a lot of acne and made facial masks from pearl powder. It did WONDERS for my skin."

5 star EV, Wyoming
I just opened up your pearl powder, since I was finishing up another brand that I had already purchased. The texture of your pearl powder is much better than anything else I have used. It absorbs right into the skin. I really love it. I replaced all of my cosmetics with your pearl powder.

5 starJMAT, Arizona
I am using the Pearl Powder, Pearl Creme, and Peptide. Mature skin responds beautifully, quite different than other very expensive products. It is also a visual delight to visit and order from your site. Gentile, well designed, it doesn't shout at viewers like so many do, as in loud,ugly graphics with 'catch you' boldness. Thank you so much. There is nothing like your products for performance exactly like you say. Thank you so much.

5 starMartha B. Albuquerque, NM.
I developed a hideous, quite painful epedermoid cyst on my back. I had a LOT of damage with regards to discoloration from the cyst itself (turned my back black where the lump and opening is located, bruising and unintended scratches from the healing itch surrounding it), 2/3 of my back is bruised under the skin as if I've been beaten. I started taking 1/4 tsp of the Seawater Pearl Powder in orange juice once a day. Within a week the bruising on my back is already lightening!!! I read on your website about how the pearl powder helps the cells regenerate. I'm absolutely thrilled and will drop all other supplements. You have a customer for life. I simply could not wait to share this with you. Thank you awesome lady."

5 star Bessie.S. MA. The results I am seeing with your product is unbelievable!!! Your products are amazing. Within 3 weeks and I am aging backwards. Thank you so much for the knowledge on the pearl powder and all the guides and tonics you have for facial, etc. My skin is so smooth and there is this halo glow from the pearl powder. I look quite healthy from this glow."

5 star S.A. MO
The very first time I used Pearl Powder I was amazed at how soft and silky my skin became, after the first application. Everyone says my skin looks like a young woman's. My wrinkles have softened and are fading away, and the tone and texture is amazing. I love Pearl Powder, I just wish I had found it earlier in my life.

5 starVW, Canada
I take in abused and abandoned animals and I put a little pearl powder in their food. It helps them calm down and makes their coats glisten and shine. I take Pearl Powder daily and I feel Great and my skin looks Amazing.

5 star Anonymous
My hair was balding, so used your pearl powder on my hair and was amazed that in just 2 weeks I can see new hair growth. Thank you so much for such a powerfully effective product.

5 star A.G. Switzerland
My order was well received, Your choice of pearl powder is wise and extremely useful. I'm Very happy with it. Thank you very much.

5 starAnonymous
After 2 weeks of consuming your pearl powder, I could visibly see my hair getting thicker and the thinner spots on my head were filling in. I am so grateful I found you. This stuff is amazing.

5 star S.L. MO
I tried the strips to whiten my teeth, but it was way too painful. I also used baking soda, bleach, and nothing seemed to work. So I decided to try pearl powder and I was amazed. In fact the next time I went to the dentist she asked me what I was using on my teeth, and I told her "Pearl Powder." And I only had used it one time. I Highly recommend it.

5 star L.A. MO
Pearl Powder works wonders on my dentures, better than any store bought cleaner I have ever used. I will continue to use this product, it makes a Huge difference, and I no longer have to soak them over night. - L.A. MO.

5 starJ, LA
Oh! That face mask is Great! I will be using this twice a week for sure.


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