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How To Use Pearl Powder

How To Use Pearl Powder

Pearl Powder can be used in a variety of ways; it can be applied topically and taken orally. Mix pearl powder into your moisturizers, lotions, and sunscreen. You can add pearl powder directly to lotions, serums, toners moisturizer or mineral makeup.

Make your own shampoo or conditioner, toothpaste, body butter, bath bombs, massage oil, or soap.

Use it as a fortifying facial, age spot lightener, skin brightener, nail strengthener, bone builder, as well as a health supplement. Take a bath in it, soak your feet in it, brush your teeth with it, wash your hair with it. Use it in your massage regime, apply it directly to a wound, or a skin condition on your face.

Use it orally by mixing 1/4 tsp into water, milk, lemonade, juice, smoothie, shakes, coffee or tea, and drink one daily. You can also add it to puddings, yogurt, truffles, desserts, homemade ice cream, parfait's, Hors d'oeuvres, the ways and means are endless.

Empress Of Pearl's Powder is water soluble and melts deliciously into cometics and liquids. Pearl Powder also makes a relaxing and Sensual Spa Bath.

Cleopatra's Bath Recipe

Cleopatra's Bath Recipe:

This milk bath nourished Cleopatra's skin deep from within. It will do the same for you.

The key is to use full-fat milk, cream, (or powdered milk), pure honey and pearl powder. Full-fat milk and pearl powder will not only exfoliate the skin, but will also moisturize. Pour 1-2 cups of milk (or 1/2 c. full-fat powdered milk), 1/2 tsp pure finely milled pearl powder, and 1/2 c. honey under running, warm water. Swish around to mix, and hop in. Soak and relax. This bath is fit for a Queen.

You will find a host of Spa bath and Spa Recipes at Pearl Powder.net


Create a face mask by combining 2 Tbsp pearl powder with other ingredients, like honey and lemon juice, whipped egg white, aloe vera gel, or milk.

Here are some easy recipes for you to try:

Simple Pearl Powder Mask

1 tsp pearl powder
A few drops of filtered water or rose water

Mix together to make a paste and apply to your face, neck, and decollete. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Follow with moisturizer. Only use 1-2 times per week.

Acne and Rosacea Mask

1 tsp Pearl Powder
1 tsp pure Aloe Vera gel (use 99% pure)
A few drops of water

In small cup or bowl add pearl powder, enough water to make a paste. Apply all over face your face, under eyes (not lids) and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse.

Pearl Powder Egg Mask

1/2 Tsp Pearl Powder
2 tsp egg white
First wash your face gently with warm water and pat dry with a soft towel.

Next, Whisk egg white in bowl. Mix 2 tsp of foamy egg white and 1/2 tsp pearl powder together. Apply to your entire your face and neck. Leave on for 15-20 minuets. Gently wash off with tepid water. Let air dry.

You can add 1 tsp raw honey to egg mixture to nourish and moisturize aging skin.

Oily Skin

Put 1/2 teaspoon honey and 1/2 teaspoon of pearl powder in a bowl and mix to a paste. Apply and leave for 15 minutes.

Dry Skin

Mix 1/2 tsp pearl powder with enough olive oil to form a thin paste. Apply to clean, dry skin. Leave on for 15 minuets and rinse with warm water.

Banana Facial Mask

1/2 Tsp Pearl Powder
1/2 very ripe banana
2 tsp butter
2 tsp green tea

Use back of a spoon and mash banana. Add butter, pearl powder and green tea and mix together. Apply the mixture on your face and leave for 15-20 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

You can mix pearl powder with just about any ingredient for a face mask. Try milk, yogurt, or cooled green tea.

At Pearl-Powder.net you'll find more Pearl Powder Facials.

Hair Repair

Pearl Powder, Coconut Oil, & Rose Water Hair Repair

If your hair is damaged, frizzy or balding, use this simply all-natural recipe to nourish, repair and grow luscious locks.

This recipe treats hair-problems like hair fall, dryness, signs of damaged hair like split ends, frizziness etc.

1 cup rose water
3 tbsp coconut oil
1 tsp pearl powder

Put all ingredients into a bowl. Apply to dry hair, and leave on for 1 hour. Wash and air dry your hair and style as usual. For a nice smell, add few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Teeth Whitening Before And After

Teeth Whitening, Receding Gums, Bone Loss

Wet your toothbrush thoroughly with water, dip brush in powder, and brush for approx. 2-3 minuets. It whitens teeth instantly. Or apply your favorite toothpaste to your brush and wet, then dip it in the Powder, and brush.

You may also put the powder directly on your teeth with your fingers, then keep your mouth open for a few minuets and let Pearl Powder do it's work. Or, put your index finger in the pearl powder then on your teeth and rub each tooth with the powder. Be sure to get in between each tooth. It will naturally whiten your teeth and remove surface stains fast.

Honey Pearl Iced Coffee

Pearl powder is also the perfect superfood to add to your morning coffee, juice, smoothie, or tea. You can also add it into soups or sprinkled onto food like salt.

Here's a delicuous iced coffee for you to try:

Shake up your morning routine with honey-sweetened iced coffee! An easy cold-brewed coffee for a tasty, caffeinated drink sure to brighten your day.


1 cup ice
3/4 cup cold brew coffee
3-5 tbsp honey
3-4 tbsp Half-and-Half or cold whole milk to your liking.
1/4 tsp pearl powder

Mix the honey with a little bit of warm water to make a quick simple syrup. Stir until honey is dissolved.

Place ice, coffee, honey, and pearl powder in a large glass or wide-mouthed mason jar.

Secure lid and shake for one minute.

Add half-and-half or milk.

Or, you may add some cocoa powder or use coconut or almond milk to spruce it up a bit.

Empress Of Pearl's subsidary site Pearl-Powder.net offers a host of juice and smoothie recipes for your delight.


Pearl powder has not found to have any adverse effects when taken as directed. Safety studies have shown it to be absolutely harmless. It can be taken by anybody for the course of a lifetime without side effects.*

And as with any skincare product or ingredient, it's always good to do a patch test first before putting anything on your face. If you're worried about how your skin may react, put a little behind the back of your ear for a half hour or so. Check from time to time if you have any averse skin reactions, like rashes or itching.

Note: if taken in large doses, your body may be subject to calcium toxicity. So, be very careful and stick with the directions.

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