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Sarah At The Age Of 73
Sarah Anderson Owner of Empress Of Pearl
At The Age Of 73

Empress Of Pearl is an Independent female-owned company located in the Ozark region of southwestern Missouri, U.S. I am originally from Rockford Ilinois, and settled in Missouri in 2001.

Empress Of Pearl is a privately held, real results health and beauty company committed to procuring the highest quality and most effective pearl powder and products around the globe. Our pearl powder is All Natural - Non-gmo, cruelty-free, sustainable, non-toxic, 100% pure.

I have always been an entrepreneur. I started my first business in 1981, a furniture company that I worked basically on my own for 35 years. That was Very hard work, and I wanted to do something that wasn't as strenuous. I have always been a beauty enthusiast, trying everyone's product out, to no avail.

So I started Age Defying Secrets providing customers with the very best skincare in the industry. Then I found Pearl Powder.

After purchasing and trying and testing pearl powder from a host of suppliers, I wanted the very best, not only for myself, but for my customers also. I began researching manufacturing companies for cleanliness, quality control, quality of environment production, conduct, data testing, harvesting, testing equipment, monitoring, technology, and the understanding and training skills of their employees.

And to my delight, I finally found exactly what I was searching for.

Empress Of Pearl's Seawater Pearl powder comes from protected areas in the great South Sea of China, our freshwater in lakes and lagoons, and both are all-natural, 100% pure, cruelty-free, sustainable. After all the years of extensive research, studying, testing and trying, I found the finest money can buy. It is unparalleled in quality.

Many companies combine Marine Collagen with Pearl Powder, but the collagen in Empress's Pearl Powder is the utmost premium grade, with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help support the body's natural collagen production, so it needs nothing added.

About Our Manufacting Company

The founder of our Pearl Powder specializes in Manufacturing the highest quality pearl powder. They take full advantage of natural resources and develop quality product to meet market demand. They conduct "Product quality Trend Analysis" through a series of methods such as quality test data and quality review. They keep a tight control on purity and production.

They utilize the very latest technology to produce the finest pearl powder available in the world for dietary supplement and cosmetic use, using a proprietary high-tech biochemical process.

Their state-of-art, GMP certified manufacturing unit ensures that our product is of the highest quality and made in extremely hygienic conditions. Stringent controls are established at diverse time points right from collection of raw materials to production of finished formulations.

We provide exceptional formulations with high-performance ingredients for our products. We offer responsibly-sourced natural, organic ingredients and create custom products exclusively for the skin lover in you. We focus on quality and science-backed formulas.

Empress Of Pearl values efficacy, safety, quality and excellence. We're proud to serve a diverse array of customers and businesses of all sizes.We craft the finest skin care available.

We are committed to bring unparalleled formulas that restore moisture to the skin, protect against environmental stressors, repair loss of skin elasticity and flexibility to your skin, stimulate collagen, fight wrinkles and prevent premature aging, leaving your skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.

Every product has been chosen for its efficacy, and potency, sampled and tested. Potency is a critical quality attribute. Our products are unparalleled in quality to ensure improvement in skin texture, clarity, and appearance.

From precious pearl powder to custom luxury creams, Empress Of Pearl products promise healthy-looking, beautiful, glowing skin that radiates from within.

Quality and effectiveness is our number one priority. What I offer at Empress Of Pearl, is what I use in my own health and skincare regime. I am as critical of what I put on my skin as I am to what you put on yours.

I know that you will love what I have to offer you, and much as I do. I can't wait for you to try it..."

If you want to learn more about Empress's Age Defying Pearl Powder, go to my other website at pearl-powder.net here. It's very extensive so take your time and look around.


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