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How To Repair DNA Damaged Skin Cells

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How To Repair DNA Damaged Skin Cells

Research Discovers That Pearl Powder
Repairs DNA Damaged Skin Cells

As mind boggling as it was to Scientists and researchers, how difficult is it for you and I to understand or even imagine that the pearl's DNA is almost identical to the human body. Yet, it is true.

Everytime I think about it, it's exciting, yet unbelievable. No wonder Scientists were so amazed. Read on...

Advances in molecular biologists have revealed a "bone-deep" kinship between pearls and the human body. They contain a piece of genetic coding that virtually mirrors the DNA sequence that regulates calcium metabolism in our own bodies.

Studies have also found that there are DNA-Repair mechanisms in algae. European and Chinese medical research report that pearl powder can accelerate collagen and elastin renewal by providing essential amino acids, improving the overall health of our circulatory, endocrine, and immune systems.

DNA damage contributes to the mechanisms of aging and disease; it can occur naturally or via environmental factors. Because DNA provides the blueprint for the proteins your cells need to function, this damage can cause serious issues - including cancer.

Research finds that Pearl Powder repairs DNA damaged skin cells and the consequences of oxidative stress in the body. Scientific studies attribute these effects to an enzyme, superoxide dismutase (SOD), that supercharges our body's power to reverse free radical damage. Emerging evidence supports pearl powder's reputation as a remedy for dull, uneven skin tone, and depleted skin.

High quality Pearl is incomparable as a nutritional supplement and cosmetics. It's biological activities are necessary for glowing healthy skin and body.

The Magic Endures that adds up to a wealth of value from one source, but that's all not your body and skin will get from using today's best pearl powder. In skin creams, the exceptionally fine texture and soothing, restorative action of pearls provide the perfect level of gentle, effective exfoliation your skin needs every day to maintain the pearl-like luminosity of youth.

And when added to creams, lotions, and serums, or 1/4 tsp into your morning juice or smoothie, all pearl's rich and magnificent nutrients absorb and penetrate deeply into our skin and body.

When you use it in cosmetics, for the full benefit of this elegant organic ingredient, make sure everything in your pearl-enhanced skin creams are equally pure and natural.

So, let the magic endure and make Pearl Powder the #1 ingredient in your skin and health care regime.

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